Amazon Prime Day 2021 – HomeKit Deals

With Amazon back with us again for another round of discounts exclusively aimed at Amazon Prime members, if you’re looking for some savings on products you were thinking of getting for your burgeoning HomeKit home, you’ll need to get yourself a free Amazon Prime trial first – click below to take advantage of the deals;


Starting off with our favourite smart home brand, Aqara are offering between 10-25% on a variety of their products, including the newly released M1S and M2 hubs;

Link (via image) Product Name Discount Original Price (US$) Discounted Price (US$)
M1S Hub 25% 49.99 37.49
Door & Window Sensor 20% 17.99 14.39
Temperature & Humidity Sensor 24% 19.99 15.19
Motion Sensor 20% 20.49 16.39
Water Leak Sensor 20% 18.99 15.19
Vibration Sensor 20% 19.99 15.99
Wall Switch (single, no neutral) 20% 44.99 35.99
Smart Plug 20% 29.99 23.99
Wireless Mini Switch 20% 17.99 14.39
Aqara Cube (not HomeKit) 20% 18.99 15.19
G2H Camera Hub 10% 64.99 58.49
M2 Hub 10% 57.99 52.19

Link (via image) Product Discount
Eve Motion 20% off
Onvis Motion Sensor 20% off
Eve Water Guard 20% off
Onvis Contact Sensor 20% off

Link (via image) Product discount
Onvis K1 Strip (2m) 20%
Onvis K1 strip (5m) 20%
Eve Light Strip 20%

Link (via image) Product Discount
Eve Light Switch 20%
Eve Energy Strip 20%
Eve Button 20%

Link (via image) Product Discount
Abode Smart Security Kit 20%
Onvis Security Alarm/Contact Sensor 20%
Eve Cam 20%
T-Guard Smart Lock (aged Bronze) $22
T-Guard Smart Lock (Satin Nickel) $22

Link (via image) Product Discount
Smartmi Air Purifier (silver) US$50
Smartmi Air Purifier (Grey) US$50