Aqara Officially Launch International D100 Zigbee With HomeKey

a week or so ago, we reported on the existence of an update to Aqara’s 2020 D100 smart lock, with a brand new version that uses both Zigbee and Apple HomeKey, making it the company’s second smart lock to come with this pair of features, after the A100 Zigbee.

Now the company have officially announced it for the international market, and unlike previous models, like the N100 Zigbee and A100 Zigbee which are more traditional handle locks, the new D100 Zigbee is a fully-automatic mortise lock, allowing users to open the door without pushing a handle or turning a knob. The new model is designed to work with HomeKit including the aforementioned HomeKey feature, and it also supports unlocking via Google Assistant. The D100 Zigbee has landed in Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), with availability expected to expand in the following months to other countries/regions including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, etc.

Compared to previous models, the D100 Zigbee lock is compatible with a wider range of doors, fitting those with a thickness between 40 to 120 millimetres and even the stylish pull handle doors. It also features a more sustainable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack. The detachable 2480mAh battery pack can be recharged via the USB-C port and provides 12-month of battery life between each charge. A low battery alarm is supported, and even if the battery runs out, the lock can also be charged from outside via a USB-C power bank. As with other Aqara locks, mechanical keys are provided, which allow users to open the lock even when the electronics fail.

The D100 Zigbee features a 3D fingerprint scanner with ‘liveness detection’, with the scanner using a sapphire coating to ensure better durability. The lock is equipped with an invisible keypad and allows permanent, one-time, as well as periodic passwords (6-10 digits) which help users to grant and manage home access for family members and visitors with ease. One-time and periodic passwords can be created and managed remotely*, which makes this lock an ideal choice for rental homes. Two NFC cards are also provided with the lock, which is convenient for younger and elder family members.

The HomeKey feature in Apple Wallet allows users to simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock. It also supports voice assistants including Siri and Google Assistant, so that users can check with their favourite assistant whether the door is locked, or ask the assistant to unlock the door.

Enhanced security features have been packed into the D100 Zigbee lock to ensure safety for homes and properties, including:

The three-bolt lock body and the highly secure cylinder make the lock extremely resistant to break-in attempts;
The controlling and security chips are placed in the inner lock panel so that they won’t be tampered with, even when the outer panel is compromised;
A mechanical knob is equipped, allowing the lock to be locked and unlocked from inside for improved security and for emergency exit;
The tamper alert is both local and remote, which means that the built-in speaker will sound an alarm while a mobile notification will be sent to users in the detection of tampering attempts;
Auto-lock after the door is closed, and the door-left-open alert will be triggered if the door is open for over 10 seconds;
A child-lock switch is placed above the unlock button, and once the switch is activated it prevents children from opening the door accidentally;
Authentication will freeze for 3 minutes after 5 authentication failures and an abnormal attempt alert will be sent to users so that a brute force attack is almost impossible;
Random digits can be added before and after the password to protect it from peeping and smudge attacks;
All remote unlock keys including the remotely-generated passwords are secured with end-to-end encryption, and the encryption key is stored in the lock and the paired user mobile locally, allowing only this specific lock to decrypt.

Both Bluetooth 5.0 and Zigbee 3.0 are integrated with the D100 Zigbee lock. Whilst Bluetooth support enables direct connection with mobile devices and Apple’s home hubs, it is the Zigbee integration that differentiates the D100 Zigbee on the market. When connected to a Zigbee 3.0 Aqara hub, the lock not only supports remote unlock via the Aqara Home app but also links with other Aqara accessories to enable home automations. For example, with a press of the lock’s Away button on the keypad, users can arm Aqara Home’s Alert System where the security camera and the sensors become activated, and turn off the lights, ACs and other home appliances. With the broad portfolio of Aqara devices, users can create customized automations that suit their needs and home environments.

* A Zigbee 3.0 Aqara hub is required.

For more on this lock, you can visit Aqara’s international site –