Aqara Release Second HomeKey Compatible Smart Lock

After being the first company to release a smart lock with Apple HomeKey support in the Aqara A100 Pro and A100 Zigbee (read our review HERE), the company has now also quietly updated their 2020 D100 smart lock with HomeKey functionality. This so far only brings the total amount of smart locks with HomeKey support to three however, with the aforementioned A100 locks, this D100, and the massively popular Schlage Encode Plus, rounding out the trio.

The D100 was originally announced at the end of November 2020 but has now surfaced on Aqara’s own international site, now called the D100 Zigbee – slightly modified to match the naming convention started with the A100 series locks. It would appear that, despite surfacing on the international site, it is once again initially only available in countries in South East Asia, like Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, although such was the interest generated around the release of the A100 Zigbee, it’s hopeful that this model will make its way to European stores eventually.

As the D100 Zigbee is not designed for Mainland China, in addition to HomeKit and HomeKey, the D100 will support Google Home, just as the A100 Zigbee currently does.


There are quite a few differences between the two models, despite sharing a lot of similarities. First off, the D100 is fully automatic, so not only will the latch lock disengage internally, the mortice bolts will also retract, allowing you to push the unlocked door open without needing to first pull a handle down – as it doesn’t have one! Instead, Aqara has gone for the type of handle you might more associate with the main outer doors to office buildings or department stores, with a handle that’s secured to the main plate at the top and bottom.

Like the A100, N100, N200, and P100, the D100 Zigbee contains a fingerprint reader built into the outward-facing handle, using a 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition module. As with previous Aqara locks, the D100 has an array of methods by which to open it, which includes the aforementioned fingerprint sensor, a built-in keypad, which allows different users to have a separate passcode assigned, either on a permanent, temporary, or date/time-restricted basis (for a dog walker or cleaner, for example).

As well as the new D100 having Apple HomeKey, it also has standard NFC functionality built-in, so you can use Aqara’s own NFC key tags. As this lock uses Zigbee (hence the new name), as well as Bluetooth, as per standard HomeKit locks, it can also connect to an Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub, like the M1S, M2, E1, or the G2H Pro and G3 Camera hubs. As it’s HomeKit compatible, you can also use Siri to open the door, as well as include the lock within automations via the Home app. Finally, you still get the option to use a standard key, if all other methods fail.

Aside from the difference in the lock from the A100 Zigbee, the D100 Zigbee also comes complete with a doorbell fitted into the handle, which also features a backlit section that lights up when the doorbell is pressed, as confirmation to your visitors that the doorbell has been activated. The door itself is powered by built-in 2480mAh rechargeable batteries, that can last for around 12 months between charges, with recharging available via a USB-C connection on the lock itself.

There’s no word on pricing just yet, but you can check out even more details on this stunning update via Aqara’s international site.

You can also check out our video review of the Aqara A100 Zigbee, the first-ever lock to get Apple HomeKey;