Sensible Announce New ‘Elements’ Air Quality Monitor

Sensibo, the company behind the popular Sky and Air Pro AC controllers, as well as their Sensibo Pure Air Purifier today announced via an email to its customers, that a new air quality monitor will be released (very) soon, named the Sensibo Elements. This new air quality monitor joins an already slightly crowded field, with offerings from Eve, QingPing, and Aqara to name a few, although none detect as many different pollutants as the Sensibo reportedly offers.

The ‘Elements’ sensor offers detection for not only the standard temperature and humidity, which is what you’ll find with products from the other aforementioned companies but also offer TVOC detection (like Eve and Aqara), and CO2 (like QingPing). This is in addition to offering an overall air quality reading taking into account readings from all of the above under an IAQ or AQI (Indoor Air Quality/Air Quality Index) number.

Strangely, it would appear, that there may be two models, with the tech specs listing Formaldehyde and CO2 detection for a ‘Pro’ model. even though CO2 is already one of the detection parameters within the standard version, this is calculated or ‘equivalent’, based on other factors, as opposed to actual CO2 levels. Even more strange is that formaldehyde should be detected via a VOC sensor, so it could be that measurements for this particular VOC is listed separately for more detailed analysis.

The unit comes with a stand that appears to be able to be pivoted within a frame and is powered via a Micro USB port (in 2022 – really??). It connects via 2.4GHz WiFi, but also has Bluetooth for pairing purposes, and according to the spec sheet, is reported to work with All the big three smart home ecosystems, plus SmartThings, even though promo images like the one above only list Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The device measurements are 115mm (4.53″) wide/tall, and 29mm (1.14″) deep. With the stand the ‘Elements’ comes out at 147mm (5.79″) tall, 130mm (5.12″) wide, and 65mm (2.56″) deep.

The final detail is that the front of the device features the company’s logo with a colour LED, which changes colour depending on the air quality. There’s no mention of a price in Euros, pounds or US dollars yet, but a listing on a Swedish retailer has it at just under SEK2000, which roughly converts to €184, UK£161, and US$183, which is quite steep, although it’s likely the company will have ongoing discounts available as they tend to do.