Aqara Reveal New Strip, Ceiling Light, Curtain Motor and Switches

With the impending release of the Aqara U100 smart lock, it’s easy to forget that the company never seems to stop pushing out products regardless. In this case, not one but four devices have been unveiled.

Aqara Light Strip T1

First up is Aqara’s first light strip aimed at customers as opposed to installers. The Aqara Light Strip T1 has addressable LEDs, meaning it can display multiple colours on the one 2m strip (with options extensions), which is something we’ve been seeing a lot more of in the last year or so. The strip uses Zigbee 3.0, so will require an Aqara hub, and comes in 20cm segments, which theoretically means it has ten separate colour zones. It’s capable of warm to cool whites and is capable of utilising Apple’s Adaptive Lighting feature. The main unit will also have a built-in mic to make the lights animate to music etc. It can also act as a Zigbee repeater.

Aqara Colour Ceiling Light T1

Nest up is another first for the company, namely a colour ceiling light. Aqara previously released a T1 ceiling light although it was only capable of warm to cool whites. With the new ceiling light, it is capable of colour as well as warm to cool whites and is once again compatible with Adaptive Lighting. It also features a backlight that illuminates the ceiling. It’s also IP20 dust rated and comes in the one 50cm diameter size. It uses Zigbee 3.0 and as it would be permanently powered, it would also act as a repeater.

Aqara Curtain Motor C3

The new Aqara curtain motor is mains, not battery-powered, and requires its own tracking system in order to work. However, it’s capable of pulling a massive 80kg in weight and features adjustable opening/closing speeds. Whilst it’s motorised, you can pull the curtains to trigger the motor to complete the job, and unlike most curtain motors currently on the market, you can also hold the curtains to tell the motor to stop. At its lowest speed, the curtain noise is as low as 26dB.

Aqara Smart Wall Switch

Regarding these new switches, there’s little information at present, so we can’t tell you too much other than it would appear these new designs take Aqara’s switches in a totally new direction, with both horizontal and vertical switches. From the image alone, it would appear that these are wireless, although doubtless there will be wired versions too, and as they’re square, the wired models – if they exist – would only be suitable for China, the UK, and potentially the EU.

All of these products are compatible with Apple Home and as at least the first three use Zigbee, they should be exposed to Matter via an appropriate hub.

Credit to @cyberModStudio for the find