Three New Matter Devices Announced From Newcomer Tuo

Sometimes devices seemingly pop up out of nowhere without warning, and just like the saying where there are no buses for ages, then three turn up all at once, the same can be applied in the case of three new products from a company called Tuo.

The first of these three products is the Tuo Smart Button with Matter over Thread, and of the three this is the only one available to order right now.

This single-button device uses a single CR2032 battery for power and comes with a magnetic wall plate and a set of icon stickers to let you know what the button has been programmed to do. As it uses Matter over Thread, you’re going to need a Thread Border Router for your preferred smart home platform, so in the case of Apple Home that will be the HomePod Mini, HomePod (2nd gen), or the Apple TV4k (2021 or 2023 w/ 128GB). As it’s compatible with Apple Home, it offers single, double, and long press actions as standard. The Smart button is priced at US$34.99, although you can save 10% by using the code TUOJULY via the company’s website/store.

The Tuo Contact Sensor utilises Matter over Thread, just like their Smart Button, although this device uses a single C$2450 battery. At the time of writing, this can only be preordered, although shipping is slated for July, with a price of US$39.99. The sensor takes a slightly different approach to the design/shape, going with something more akin to an oval or pill shape.

Finally, the company have a new smart lock – The Tuo Smart Lock – that’s both HomeKit and HomeKey compatible, with a smart clean design not dissimilar to the original Vocolinc T-Guard Smart Lock. The lock is designed to replace regular deadbolt locks, so it’s more geared towards the North American market, and comes with a standard keyhole and backlit keypad, although as it uses HomeKey, you’re unlikely to need the keypad or keys that often.

It’s unclear whether the lock will rely on standard Bluetooth for connectivity or Thread, but given that Matter supports smart locks as a category, it’s quite possible that it’ll use Thread once it’s released, which is slated for a September release, with a price of US$199.99.

You can find out more about Tuo and its products via the company website.