Aqara Releases its First Multicolour LED Strip

Aqara today introduced a new RGBCCT light strip, the LED Strip T1, to the global markets. As the Company’s first smart lighting device that is widely sold across multiple continents, the LED Strip T1 displays up to 16 million colours and provides tuneable white accent lighting. Moreover, it supports various third-party smart home platforms and can be seamlessly integrated into various smart home setups.

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The new light strip is now available in the Company’s Amazon brand stores in North America (US, Canada) and Europe (France, GermanyItaly, Spain, UK) as well as via selected Aqara retailers worldwide.

Built upon the Zigbee protocol, the LED Strip T1 has a lower idle power consumption than Wi-Fi-based light strips, making it eco-friendly and more cost-efficient. It also serves as a repeater for the Zigbee network, which further strengthens network reliability and responsiveness. With a compatible Aqara hub such as the Hub M2, the LED Strip T1 also supports the new IoT standard Matter as well as popular systems like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

The LED Strip T1 is 2 metres (ca. 6.6 ft) in length and can be extended using the Company’s 1-metre Extension Kits. It supports a maximum length of 10 meters (ca. 33 ft). The light strip can be cut at 20 centimetres (ca. 7.9 in) intervals, making it highly customisable. The cut or unused part of the light strip can also be reattached to a separate Aqara LED light strip using extra standard 5-core ribbon cables and 5-pin connectors.

More importantly, the RGB effects of the LED Strip T1 are independently addressable with a 20-centimetre interval, which means that it can display up to 10 different colours with dimming and other effects. The Aqara Home app provides various built-in effects for the LED strip – both static and dynamic- allowing users to customise the lighting effects as they prefer. All these built-in and customized effects can be used for home automations and scenes so that users can integrate smart lighting into the dynamic smart home experience.

For example, users can amplify the home alert system with the LED strip, using different colours or effects to indicate whether the security system is armed or not and if there is a potential threat. It’s also possible to create customised home scenes, such as an evening scene, with warm lighting, or an entertainment scene that dims the lighting for a better movie-watching experience. The Aqara Home app recently introduced a new feature allowing users to sync the scenes to HomeKit. This means that users can set up specific scenes that were previously only available via the Aqara app allowing control of these scenes with third-party apps such as Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home.

Other features of the LED Strip T1 include:

Manual controller for easy access: a physical controller allows users to turn on/off, switch lighting modes and activate the music sync mode without using any mobile apps.
Local music sync mode: the LED Strip T1 can sync to the music locally without relying on a mobile device.
Circadian lighting: the LED Strip T1 supports Adaptive Lighting in Apple Home and allows users to customise the circadian lighting schemes in Aqara Home with automations.
Outdoor friendly: the LED Strip has an IP44 rating and can withstand dust and moisture, making it suitable for some outdoor user cases, although only the strip is IP rated, so the power supply and controller must be protected from outdoor elements.

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