Controller For HomeKit App Adds 3D Floor Plan Scanning

To mark its seventh anniversary, Controller for HomeKit has released Version 7.0, featuring the highly anticipated Floor Plan feature for Apple Home users. Controller for HomeKit has always been strong in managing Apple Home, with features like complex automations, backups, setup codes, smart folders, logs, and notifications. However, Version 7.0 introduces new standards in user-friendliness. The redesigned main screen allows users to jump directly into rooms, execute scenes and workflows, and utilise the innovative new Floor Plan.

The new Floor Plan feature allows users to quickly and easily scan their house or flat to create an impressive 3D model. This 3D model can include buttons for direct device control, display of current sensor values, execution of scenes and workflows, as well as room navigation. It provides a visual overview and enables intuitive control of Apple Home devices, such as turning lights on and off or checking the status of contact sensors.

Controller for HomeKit is the first app to use Apple’s RoomPlan for creating a Floor Plan for Apple Home. All data processing occurs locally on the iPhone, and the transfer of the finished Floor Plan to other user devices is encrypted via Apple iCloud. Users with a LiDAR-enabled device (iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro 11″ from the 3rd generation, or iPad Pro 12.9″ from the 5th generation) can test the new feature for free. Those without a LiDAR-enabled device can use a new AppClip to create the Floor Plan on a friend’s device, export it, and import it back to their own device.

This groundbreaking technology is now available to all Apple Home users, marking an exciting milestone in the evolution of Controller for HomeKit. You can download the app using a free trial, from the App Store.

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