Terncy ‘Odin’ Smart Lock Released in China

Shanghai-based smart home company Terncy has released its latest smart lock, the Odin, following up on last year’s model, the Titan, both of which are compatible with Apple HomeKit. The new lock, which is currently only available in China, is suitable for doors that typically use mortice lock mechanisms, although rather than add on to your current lock, the Odin, much like the Aqara locks we’ve seen, totally replaces the lock and handle mechanism.

The new lock, currently priced at RMB1699 (roughly converts to US$262.00 / EU€217,00 / UK£193.00) in China, comes with a slew of functions, most of which are centred around the various methods of unlocking the door. These include a built-in keypad that allows temporary or time/date sensitive usage, and also includes a method of typing in random numbers before and after your real passcode, in an attempt to hide it from prying eyes. There’s also a doorbell within the keypad and a fingerprint reader.

The lock uses Bluetooth for a direct connection to HomeKit, but also has Zigbee if you want to connect it to the company’s own hub, the Terncy Home Center, and from there get it exposed to HomeKit. The Titan Smart Lock was also fitted with NFC, allowing you to unlock the door with the provided NFC key fobs, although it’s not clear if the Odin lock has this functionality.

In terms of powering the lock, the Odin uses the same type of rechargeable battery packs that come with the Titan. The lock comes with two batteries, but only one is needed at a time, so you have a handy backup, whilst the other is being recharged. Having had these batteries on test with a Titan lock we’ve had here, they last an extraordinary length of time – around 11-12 months in our tests, which is impressive.

If you’re in Mainland China, you can order the Odin smart lock from T-Mall/Taobao.