Updated Terncy Hub Features Airplay 2 functionality

Terncy (aka Xiaoyan) are a brand we’ve featured a few times on our site, and we’ve consistently been impressed with the ideas they’ve brought to Smart Homes in general and HomKit in particular. It now seems with their forthcoming updated Zigbee 3.0 hub, dubbed the Terncy Home Center Braun, takes things a little further again.

The Braun, like its predecessor, is a Zigbee 3.0 hub with an ethernet connection but features the ability to become an Airplay 2 device, with the addition of a stereo Line Out on the rear of the device. You simply plug any speaker or amplifier with a 3.5mm jack Line In socket, and you can then stream AirPlay audio from your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or Apple TV to send audio through the hub and onward to the connected speakers.

The company, based in Shanghai, have been touting other new functions of the forthcoming hub, including the ability to enable “…multiple gateways so they can be combined into a virtual one. Under this virtual gateway, all devices achieve reliable linkage, fast and synchronous response…”

The new hub is also capable of controlling up to 100 smart devices, with 300 sq mt coverage. All quite impressive, and statistics that could give companies like Aqara a run for their money. If you’re unaware of Terncy, you can check out our overview video of their basic set of devices, or their forthcoming roller blind motor, in the videos below;