HomeKit Integration Coming to Ikea Trädfri Motion Sensor and Shortcut Button

Ikea has been a bit quiet on the HomeKit front for a while, but it seems they’ve not given up the ghost on our favourite platform just yet, with news that both the Trädfri motion sensor and the more recently released Smart Buttons are due to be integrated into HomeKit. This news, via Netherlands website iCulture.nl, reports of an upcoming update (1.13.21) to the company’s Trädfri Gateway will do the deed. This will of course allow the integration of both devices to be used in HomeKit scenes and automations just like any other HomeKit compatible device, as well as continue to work with other Ikea smart devices, even if they don’t work in HomeKit.

Whilst this is always welcome news, Ikea’s smart devices have received mixed reviews in terms of performance and built quality on occasion, as well as issues with installation, most notably the company’s Fyrtur Smart Blinds. Still, with the typically low prices that Ikea are known for, they could give some companies a run for their money, even though the market place is pretty saturated for motion sensors, and only slightly less so for smart buttons.