Eufy Add New Outdoor Cams to Security App

Chinese smart-home company Eufy, part of Anker, did pretty well last year with their two indoor cameras, that set the bar for low priced, high spec products, and with the discovery of a pair of new Outdoor Cams surfacing in their Eufy Security app, they may attempt to capture the public’s attention once again.

Not a lot is given away from what’s in the app, let alone whether the cameras are HomeKit compatible, although that’s highly likely, but it would seem there are two variants of this model – one with a night light, and another without. Both cameras appear to be held in place with a magnetic holder, allowing the spherically shaped cameras to be adjusted more easily.

Both cameras also appear to have holes for a microphone, and a rear speaker, although if these do get exposed to HomeKit, we’d hope that two-way audio would be available, which is not currently the case with the two indoor cameras. In the help section of the Eufy app, the cameras also reveal a QR code to add the cameras, which also incidentally have Bluetooth to pair them, presumably with your phone in the first instance, for passing WiFi details. Whether these QR Codes will be HomeKit QR codes, we’re not sure, but it’s not unreasonable to assume they are given other devices by the company. Finally, it could be that these outdoor cameras won’t be tethered to the company’s Base Station, which is required for their EufCam 2/2C and Pro variants.

As we learn more, we’ll update this article, but it’s a good start for Eufy already – we hope.

Credit to Linh Ng for spotting this initially