Onvis Kameleon Light Strip Due With Multiple Colours

China-based Smart Home manufacturer Onvis, are planning for the release of their first lighting product, a light strip dubbed Kameleon K1. The new strip has surfaced on the company’s own website, and although the product page literally says nothing about the strip itself other than three main images, we’ve been able to get some details for this forthcoming product that may make you think twice about buying other light strips that are available presently.

We’ve all seen promo images like the one above, that demonstrate multiple colours on a light strip, that don’t exactly represent the reality of what the strip is capable of, which in most cases is a solid colour, or at best, a transition effect going from one colour to the next. Not so with Onvis’ own offering apparently, which, like the LiFX Z-Strip, is capable of ‘zones’ of colour along the strip. This means you can have different colours for various sections of the strip itself.

Prior to this, LifeSmart had released their ColoLight Strip, which whilst capable of multiple colours, literally down to individual colours on a single LED basis, you’re limited to colour effects, that have the individual LEDs changing colours based on preset patterns available in the company’s LifeSmart app. the best you could do with these presets is to change the colours with the preset colour pallettes. The new Kameleon can do this, as well as the aforementioned static zones of colour. As far as we know, this will be a standard 2.4GHz WiFi-based device.

If you’re already aware of the company’s C3 camera, you’ll probably be aware of its rather ‘unique’ design, which tended to split opinion. It would seem that the controller for the new light strip takes the same approach with a lozenge-shaped controller that has buttons on the top and bottom, with plus and minus symbols, with a central button that we assume is to turn the device on or off. In addition, it would appear that they’ve also built a mic into the controller in order to sync certain light effect presets with audio – music for the most part.

There’s currently no word on pricing, but given that it’s now on their website, we could be close to a release, although, given the ongoing pandemic, it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will actually come to market.