New Aqara G3 Camera Hub Added to Mainland China Server

And Aqara do it again! The long-rumoured Aqara G3 camera hub has now surfaced as a listed device in the Aqara Home app when set to the Mainland China server. ‘Official’ details are sketchy right now, not least as to when it’ll be released, in Mainland China initially, of course.

What we do know, based on the information already within the app, is that like the G2H, it’s both a camera and a Zigbee 3.0 hub, and it also works with both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi networks.

Another area where the G3 differs from the G2H is hinted at with the camera lens itself, which is off to the side. We’ve heard that this may be due to onboard AI functionality, which could even recognise not only the standard differentiation between humans, pets and vehicles, but go further with gesture recognition. We haven’t had this officially confirmed yet.

As stated, details are scant right now, and until the camera gets its official launch – which will clearly be Mainland China, to begin with – we won’t know too much more.

Of course, the burning question would be is it HomeKit compatible, which we can guarantee with 99.99% accuracy, that it most definitely will be, as well as compatible with HomeKit Secure Video.

Thanks to u/BaRaD on the Aqara SubReddit for the tipoff