More Gradient Lighting From Hue Revealed

Hue has released a video showing yet another of their Gradient lighting products, following on from previously leaked images of the forthcoming Hue Gradient Light Strip Ambiance, and the updated Hue Signe Gradient Floor Lamp, both of which have yet to be ‘officially’ announced. As the name would suggest, the new Hue Play Gradient Light Tube is both multicolour (as in the ‘Gradient’ lineup) and on this occasion is not so much a light strip, but more of a ‘tube’ of the kind you might see for fluorescent strip lighting. As with previous ‘Play’ products, the strip is ostensibly designed for use with TVs, although there are sure to be other uses for it.

The new ‘tube’ comes in two lengths and two finishes (black and white), along with having the ability for the colour section of the tube to be angled so its either facing more towards a wall or TV, or more towards the room, for possible party usage. The strip is designe to either sit at the base of your TV or can be mounted on a wall with provided fittings.

The new product will also work with – and replicate – colours on your TV, although in order to take advantage of this functionality, you’ll need both a Hue Bridge, and a Hue Sync box, which, before you even take into account the cost of the tube light itself, could easily add up to a few hundred dollars, although there’s no mentioned of a specific price at this time.

You can check out the company’s promo video for this product below;