New Hue Signe Gradient Floor Light Revealed

There seems to be a pattern emerging, with the last couple of ‘leaks’ both revealing forthcoming multicolour lighting products from Philips Hue. Last week we saw the emergence of a new ‘Gradient’ light strip, similar to the product released specifically for the back of TVs, and now an update to the Philips Hue Signe, but once again with gradient lighting embedded.

As first discovered and reported by Jo at, the Hue Signe – which one could argue is simply a vertical light strip affixed to a pole – has been updated with what appears to be addressable zones of colour along the length of the light.

Not only has the lighting been upgraded to use this increasingly popular take on colour strips, but the design has been overhauled. Whilst the base for the original design was more or less triangular, the base for the new model is circular. only speculated on the price, so it’s all up in the air as to how much this will sell for, and how much more it will cost compared to the original, but as you’re probably aware, Hue products are rarely cheap.

Thanks for Jo at for the tip off.