Lightwave Introduce New HomeKit-Ready Heater Switch

UK based smart switch company Lightwave have unveiled their latest smart home product, and possibly one of the first of its kind, at least for UK HomeKit users. The L92 Smart Heating Switch in essence is simply a smart switch, although as the name would imply, this switch is designed for heating based products in your home.

This could include things like domestic panel heaters, hot water cylinders, boilers, towel rails or electric radiators, for example. Because these types of devices require more power than say a light switch, a normal smart switch wouldn’t be capable or suitable to add smarts to such home heating devices. The L92, on the other hand, is designed for just such use cases, allowing universal switching of any load up to 3680W (16A) rating.

Lightwave also states that the switch has energy consumption built-in, which in times like these, is getting more and more relevant in terms of keeping spending on energy in check. The switch can also be installed for the powering of electric vehicles, although their website does state that “…3KW is suitable for domestic overnight charging, however a rating of  either 6KW or 7KW is recommended for optimal charging speeds.”

In terms of HomeKit, the switch integrates with the company’s Link Plus hub and is exposed to HomeKit as a simple on/off switch, so any extra functionality is only available via the company’s own app.

Lightwave has the L92 on their website to buy now for £99.95.