Mysa Reveal V2 Thermostat For Baseboard Heaters

Newfoundland-based smart thermostat company Mysa has announced the full North American market launch of its fourth product, Mysa for Electric Baseboard Heaters V2. This follows on from the company’s first ‘next-gen’ version of its flagship product released back in 2018, which has been reduced in size by 40%, whilst adding new smart features, like Adaptive Brightness Technology and NFC Pairing.

Mysa Co-Founder and CEO, Josh Green, states;

We’re thrilled to share Mysa for Baseboards V2 with our North American market,” said Green. “We’re fortunate that our customers and supporters share fantastic feedback with us about our products — we’re always listening! Creating an innovative next-gen release of our flagship product allowed us to streamline the form factor, reducing it by an impressive 40%.” Continued Green, “V2 customers will still enjoy all of our energy-saving mobile app features like Scheduling, Geofencing, Zoning, and more; the addition of exciting new smart features like Adaptive Brightness Display and NFC Pairing that promise to further improve the user experience.”

The latest release in Mysa’s expanding product lineup, Mysa for Electric Baseboard Heaters V2 joins the company’s smart thermostats for electric in-floor heating (released in 2019), and air conditioners (released in 2021 – our review coming soon), creating an ecosystem of smart thermostats in homes across North America. Designed to work with smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, Mysa’s mobile app for iOS and Android helps customers save money by taking full control of their home’s electric heating or cooling from anywhere in the world. With intuitive, in-app features like Scheduling, Geofencing, Zoning, and detailed energy insights, Mysa customers keep comfort, control, and easy home energy savings at their fingertips.

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