Nanoleaf ‘Lines’ Light Beams Unveiled

Earlier today Nanoleaf unveiled their latest lighting product, simply called ‘Lines‘, which joins their other wall (or ceiling) mountable lighting products, capable of colour accent lighting, including the Nanoleaf Elements, Shapes (Hexagons, Triangles and Mini Triangles), Canvas, and their original Rhythm Light Panels.

Like the first two on the list, the Lines come with Thread technology, although to be specific, Thread is only enabled on these devices in respect of them acting as Thread Border Routers for other Nanoleaf Thread devices like the Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb and Light Strip, as opposed to them using Thread for an initial connection to your network (Via HomePod Mini or 2021 Apple TV), instead, using 2.4GHz WiFi as standard.

The Lines connect up to one another at 60º angles with the help of 6-sided connectors. The strips themselves have two separate colour zones, with each strip and zone within each strip individually controllable. The light actually emits from the back of the devices and onto the wall, so effectively these are backlit.

The outward-facing sides you see come as basic white, but the company are also introducing ‘Skins’ for the strips, in black or pink, in order to further enhance the effect, albeit only noticeable in daylight I guess. Nanoleaf will also be selling special ‘Flex’ connectors that allow the strips to be further apart from the standard connectors, allowing you to have the lights traverse the corner of a wall, for example.

Currently the ‘Lines’ product – available as a ‘smarter pack’ of 9 strips plus controller – is on pre-order with shipping in later November, for US$199.99, along with optional extension packs that offer 3 extra strips at US$79.99 but without the controller.