ZemiSmart Release HomeKit Compatible Zigbee Hub and Devices

ZemiSmart may be a totally new name to many of our HomeKit centric readers, as expected, but they are one of a series of companies that make all manner of devices that work with possibly one of the largest smart home platforms, namely Tuya. Up until now, ZemiSmart products would only work with the Tuya platform in addition to both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa platforms. The hub itself, judging from the pictures alone, is a simple puck-shaped device, with a pairing/reset button on the back, a micro-USB port for power, and an ethernet port for network connection, although it may well have a wireless connection as well. It uses Zigbee 3.0, and the circumference of the hub sports an LED strip that we assume shows different colours to indicate status, although, like the Aqara M1/M1S, the LED may well be exposed to HomeKit separately.

Prior to the release of the company’s first Zigbee hub (ZMHK-01), the company’s devices used a mix of Zigbee and WiFi devices, the former of which could work with any number of Zigbee hubs. Now with the introduction of their own hub, the company has gained official HomeKit support, not only for the hub but a number of Zigbee devices that work with the hub. Interestingly, the company’s website also states that their “HomeKit Zigbee Hub can connect to Tuya app/Home app. Smart devices certified by Tuya can be seen directly on the Home app homepage interface”. This sort of indicates that other Tuya compatible devices will be exposed to HomeKit, and not just ZemiSmart. We shall see.

This includes things like LED filament bulbs, curtain and blind motors, as well as relays, sensors and wall switches (check out their range of products HERE). One switch suitable for the North American market offers a single gang switch that comes with options for single, double, triple and even quadruple buttons, which is something you’d be hard-pressed to find for HomeKit right now. Whilst we’ve not been able to actually test these items to ensure they work with HomeKit, a representative for ZemiSmart has told us all the products under the HomeKit section of their store are exposed to HomeKit.

With Aqara hubs having been HomeKit compatible since 2018, ZemiSmart isn’t the only company making Zigbee devices, but with anyone wanting another option, it’s certainly something worth taking a look at. We’ll hopefully be doing a review of this new hub soon, so stay tuned.

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