New Multicolour Addressable Light Strips from Yeelight and Vocolinc

Qingdao-based lighting specialists Yeelight have today unveiled their latest product, the LED Lightstrip Pro also known as the Yeelight Chameleon (sounds familiar…), a strip with addressable LEDs, meaning multiple colours on one strip.

Of course, we’ve seen this type of product from companies like LiFX, LifeSmart, and more recently, Philips Hue, and our favourite strip with this feature, and much more, the Onvis Kameleon (read our review HERE, or watch the video HERE).

The new Yeelight strip is compatible with Apple HomeKit but also works with Razer Chroma and Overwolf for gaming functionality, which is an area the company have been investing in a lot more over the past year, which now also includes the Yeelight D2 lamp as a compatible device. It uses 2.4GHz WiFi and is available as a 2m strip. with 1M strip extensions taking it to a maximum length of 10m, whilst also being cuttable.

Not to be outdone, Vocolinc has surfaced with the new LS3 ColorFlux Light Strip which comes in a 5m/16.4 length, as standard, and can be extended to 10m/32.8ft or cut to a specific length. Once again, the LS3 is Apple HomeKit compatible, as well as working with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The Vocolinc LS3 is available on now, for US$45.99, with a US$3.00 discount coupon available, whilst the Yeelight Lightstrip Pro is available directly from the company’s US website for US$52.99.

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