New Zigbee Lamp Revealed by ZemiSmart

Not so long ago ZemiSmart were a company that wasn’t relevant to our site, being that they weren’t HomeKit compatible, but now with their new HomeKit enabled Zigbee hub (review HERE), more devices by the company, along with certain products that are certified by Tuya, are now exposed to our favourite smart home platform (HomeKit, obviously…). Now, the company has contacted us with news of a few new products they’re preparing for release, one of which you could describe as a ‘mood’ or ‘ambient’ lamp, although the brightness (750lm) of this suggests it’s capable of a bit more.

The Makaron lamp, which comes in six different finishes – blue, yellow, black, white, green, or pink – uses Zigbee 3.0, which can also be exposed to HomeKit via the company’s aforementioned hub, can do the standard 16 million colours. The design itself looks quite similar to a squashed version of the Philips Hue Calla outdoor path lights, although the Makaron is designed for indoor use only. It uses mains electricity via an attached cable for power, and as already mentioned, it is capable of a maximum of 750 lumens when set to cool white, which is only slightly than that of a basic Hue white bulb, and generally a lot brighter than all other lamps of this type.

It’s designed to work in any region, with an input voltage of 100-240VAC, and power consumption at 9w. The casing is a mix of aluminium and diffused plastic and can be used as a Zigbee repeater for other Zigbee devices connected to the company’s hub. There are also no server or region restrictions to worry about.

The company are also in the process of releasing other new lighting products, all of which use Zigbee, including a new full-colour light bulb, as well as a Zigbee light strip that will come in 5/10 metre lengths. There’s no word on pricing or release dates for these products just yet, but we’ll be getting one of the lamps and a light strip to try out soon, so keep an eye out for our reviews of these latest offerings from ZemiSmart, so to keep up with all the latest HomeKit news and reviews, subscribe to get news instantly delivered to your inbox. Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit!