OmniaBlinds Prepare Release of Thread-Enabled Blinds

Earlier this year we broke the news that Swedish roller blind company OmniaBlinds were preparing for the release of their newest products – OmniaBlinds Smart Blinds powered by EveMotion Blinds with HomeKit Technology. Despite a few delays that have set back many companies in the smart home sector and beyond, OmniaBlinds are today able to offer customers the chance to finally buy these custom blinds from their newly updated website.

OmniaBlinds says that they will be able to offer a wide choice of materials, textures and colours, with either blackout blinds or blinds that let a percentage of light through, that includes custom sizes to fit your windows to your liking, all with the Thread technology offered by Eve Motion Blinds with HomeKit technology that in turn gets your window coverings into the Home app, that of course, in turn, allows your blinds to be controlled by voice (Siri), or via automations (HomeKit).

The ‘technology’ as already mentioned, is the latest wireless protocol called Thread, which allows for very fast response times, low power consumption, and the ability to build a smart, self-healing mesh network for your home that in some ways, goes beyond the kind of mesh technology currently offered by Z-Wave or Zigbee. Currently Apple offer two products that act as what are referred to as Thread Border Routers, that allow Thread devices to both create a mesh, as well as be exposed to HomeKit in the first place. These are the HomePod Mini, and the 2021 model of the Apple TV4K.

The company have stated that the price will be dependent on the size of the window being covered, but with free worldwide shipping, the price still undercuts offerings by Lutron, for example, that usually also only ship within North America. The blinds will be offered in custom sizes ranging from a minimum width of 62cm / 24.41in, up to a maximum of 260cm / 102.36in, and a maximum drop of 285cm / 112.1in.

The blinds’ motor is battery powered is charged via a micro-USB-C port (hooray!) and cable and will take six hours for a full charge. The fully charged battery will last one year on average, with an estimated battery life of 300 charges before needing a replacement (yes, these blinds will most likely outlast us all…).

Head over to the Omniablinds website today, and you’ll be able to place an order.