Nanoleaf Partners With Hafa For HomeKit ‘Smart Mirror’

With the latest update to the Nanoleaf app, the smart light panel company has revealed support for a brand new product – the Hafa Smart Mirror. This product, which can now be added to the Nanoleaf app, isn’t made by Nanoleaf as such, but through some form of cooperation.

Judging by Hafa’s own website, the European-based company make mostly bathroom furniture or accessories, which include mirrors, showers, bathroom cabinets and more.


The new Smart Mirror, once attempting to add it to the Nanoleaf app via a new tab labelled ‘Smarter Partners’, brings up the familiar HomeKit ‘Add Accessory’ screen where you would scan a HomeKit QR code. This product is confirmed as HomeKit compatible via the company’s own website, which states;

Let Hafa Smart Mirror be a part of your smart home and the lighting in your bathroom. Set routines so your mirror lights up with soft light when visiting the bathroom at night. Turn off the lights throughout the house, including the Hafa Smart Mirror, with a voice command or via your mobile phone when you leave home or by the bedside when you go to bed at night. With the Hafa Smart mirror, you can adjust brightness and light temperature in several ways. With the voice via your digital Assistant such as Google home, through the app in your phone or via the touch function directly on the mirror. Smart products in your home help you save energy in the long run and make your home smart and comfortable – just the way you want it. Controlled via the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. IP44.

The mirror itself comes in one size, at 700mm/27.65 inches in diameter, and as you may have guessed, this is basically a mirror with integrated smart lighting, and at a price of around US$600 (after converting from Swedish Krona), this isn’t something you would probably purchase on a whim. Add to this that the only ‘smart’ part is the lighting, as opposed to a mirror that can show on-device information, then it does seem rather expensive. The product doesn’t seem to be available at the time of writing, however, and whether it’s available outside of the EU is unclear.

What’s also not mentioned (as far as we can see) is what method the mirror uses to communicate with your network, although we’ve been told it uses Bluetooth, which may also indicate it could be a Thread enabled device. This is purely speculation at this point, although given that along with Eve, Nanoleaf are at the forefront of pushing Thread as a protocol, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that this device could have Thread, especially if the integrated lighting uses Nanoleaf’s own technology.

The integrated lighting uses 22W with an Energy class rating of G, which gives off up to 1200lm, which is quite bright, and probably more than enough for a small to medium-sized bathroom. The price is in line with many of the company’s other mirrors, so it’s clear this is what you would describe as a high-end brand, so in some ways, the addition of smart lighting doesn’t add much of a premium to the price.

Aside from this, Nanoleaf has also “added support for Mijia (China only)” which we take to mean their products can now be added to the Mi Home app, which is still one of the most popular platforms in Mainland China, along with some minor bug fixes and improvements to the U.I.

Thanks to Bing Feng Yeh and Mariusz Svwed for the tipoff.