Netatmo Announce Combined Motion and Contact Sensor with Thread

As first reported by Yannic over at, Netatmo has unveiled its first sensor with Thread that will also be compatible with Matter, the forthcoming communications protocol. This, of course, means it will also be compatible with HomeKit. The new device dubbed the Netatmo Security Sensor is actually two sensors in one, with a contact sensor for your doors and windows in the first instance, but also a motion sensor.

This may seem odd at first, but if you consider the potential automation option available to you when a contact sensor also detects that you’re inside your home as opposed to outside, there’s the additional possibility to create automations that work differently when you’re going out, as to when you arrive home.

Add to this that the motion sensor can, depending on where it’s placed, can do the regular kind of automations expected of it, then it really makes for a more compelling device.

This release comes hot on the heels of their recently released Carbon Monoxide Sensor, so it’s clear that Netatmo isn’t exactly kicking its heels right now.

There’s currently no word on a specific release date or pricing, but it’s unlikely to be as cheap as something like an Aqara motion sensor, although if it were priced relative to the price of the Aqara motion and contact sensors combined, it may well be worth the extra.