Tuya Announces Support for Matter

Tuya Smart, a leading IoT development platform service provider, today officially affirmed its support for Matter, a commitment to ensure that Tuya’s customers and business partners can seamlessly join in the new smart home connectivity standard and provide users with a more convenient smart home experience.

Tuya customers and other brands such as Calex and Geeni are all planning to launch new series of consumer products that will also support the Matter standard in 2022 when the new communication protocol finally launches.

Introduced by Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast, and the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA, formerly the Zigbee Alliance), Matter aims to provide a unified smart home standard to allow interoperability between devices and smart home platforms.

As a member of the Board of Directors of CSA and one of the early members of the Matter Work Group, Tuya has been expanding its commitment to promote universal open standards that enable IoT products to securely connect and interact, providing technical support to the Work Group and working closely with major platform partners to ensure Tuya-enabled device work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung Smarthings.

We reviewed a product that although already HomeKit compatible, actually uses Tuya as the backbone of its working structure, with HomeKit compatible devices that use this hub being added to the Tuya Smart app before being exposed to HomeKit. This hub is already capable of having many Tuya certified devices added to it that support HomeKit, so with Matter certified devices being HomeKit compatible, the amount of devices that will work with HomeKit will increase substantially.

With over 446,000 registered developers and more than 1,100 product categories in the Tuya ecosystem, Tuya’s support for Matter will not only enable its ecosystem partners to be among the first companies to release Matter-compatible devices once the standard officially launches, but also provide consumers with a wider variety of Matter-compatible smart home solutions.

By adding support for Matter, Tuya is continuing its efforts to ensure more connections between more devices and increasing compatibility for consumers. Together with other partners across industries, Tuya aims for continuous innovation and transforming the future of connectivity.