Eve Release Updated Water Guard With Thread

After the initial FCC filing surfaced late last year, German smart home company Eve has finally released the Thread version of their popular combined leak sensor and alarm, the Eve Water Guard. Despite the device being essentially the same in terms of outward appearances, the updated model uses the new Thread wireless protocol, replacing Bluetooth in the original model, thus getting closer to the company’s goal of remaking all of their Bluetooth products Thread enabled.

If you’re not familiar with the Eve Water Guard, as the name implies, this is a device that detects water leaks. However, unlike the simple but effective leak sensor from Aqara, the Water guard employs a built-in siren as well as make use of a special cord that can run underneath kitchen cabinets to spread its area of detection, with the sensor detecting a leak once it hit s the surface of the cord.

This cord can be extended to reach the furthest reaches of the underside of kitchen cabinets, beneath sinks, or in the laundry room, to alert you if the washing machine decides to spring a leak.

You can read Mariusz Szwed’s review of the original model HERE;

The new Thread enabled Eve Water Guard is now available from Eve’s own website for €99,95 in the EUUS$99.95 in the US, UK£89.99 in the UK, CA$129.95 in Canada, and AU$179.95 in Australia.