Netatmo Offering Video Doorbell Power Adaptor

As reported by our ‘gute Freunde’ (good friends) over at, it would appear that Netatmo is in the process of offering an alternative means of powering their HomeKit compatible video doorbell, with a 230v to 12v power adaptor for those that don’t have a standard chime in their house.

The power adaptor, listed at a reasonable €24,99 is available to purchase from the company’s website separately, or with the video doorbell itself, with a saving of just over €10.00, bringing the price for the adaptor down to just €15,00. The power adaptor assists in bringing the standard 230v AC found in Europe down to just 12V AC, with a cable length of 10 metres.

The power adaptor also comes with interchangeable pins – one for the EU (type C), one for the UK (type G), and one for North America (type A), which could indicate that this is also capable of working with 110-120V AC as found in the United States and Canada. However, at this time the adaptor is not available on the North American Netatmo store, but it’s possible the company are planning a launch the adaptor there soon.

Whilst the Netatmo was one of the earliest video doorbells to offer HomeKit compatibility (just pipped at the post by the Yobi B3), it still doesn’t offer HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) as part of the feature set. Since then, we’ve seen video doorbells from Logitech and Wemo, both of which offer HSV functionality as standard.