SecretLab Release Thread-Enabled MAGRGB Strip

SecretLab isn’t a name you might be too familiar with unless you happen to be an avid gamer perhaps, but today the company have announced their latest light strip, in collaboration with Nanoleaf. The company are normally in the business of providing furniture and accessories for gaming enthusiasts, like chairs and desks, so this new lighting product is a bit of an expansion on their gaming lineup.

The new MAGRGB strip is an LED light strip capable of multiple colours at the same time, with a staggering 123 individually addressable LEDs, which is something we’ve seen a lot more of since the release of Onvis’ own Kameleon light strip last year. The big difference here is that this new strip uses Thread as opposed to WiFi. Additionally, the strip itself comes in a diffused casing, that pretty much removes most traces of individual LEDs being seen, whilst standard LED strips tending to only work this way when they’re hidden.

As if that wasn’t enough, it would seem that this is designed to work with SecretLabs other products, specifically their MAGNUS Metal Desk. Apparently, the strip doesn’t come with standard double-sided adhesive tape but instead uses magnets to fit inside a special groove on the desk itself. It should also be noted that the strip comes in a 1.5m length, so not the standard two metres you tend to see with pretty much all other strips. This is almost certainly due to it being designed for the company’s aforementioned gaming desk.

The strip is currently available to buy from the company’s own website for €79, although apparently, it’s also purchasable from Nanoleaf.