Philips Hue App Gets Demo Mode, New Scenes

Signify today released an app update for the Philips Hue app to v4.17. In addition to seven new scenes, we’re particularly impressed by the new demo modeEverything started for us with the lamps from Philips Hue and it is still a nice entry into the smart home world. Lighting control can be easily automated and you always have visual feedback. This is not the case with heating control, for example, even if significantly more energy can be saved here.

For users who want to play around a bit without spending money right away, Signify now offers a lovingly implemented demo mode via the Philips Hue app. The demo mode can be started via the “Discover” tab and then you can choose between different scenarios.

You can control the lamps in different rooms, activate scenes, synchronize the lamps with the television, trigger the motion detector, try out switches, and bathe the outside area in different lights.

Even if you already have lamps in use, we recommend you take a look at the new demo mode. This has been beautifully implemented and is actually fun to play around with.

New scenes available

The Philips Hue app also provides a large selection of ready-made scenes that bathe the lamps in different light. With the latest update, seven new scenes have been added. Here, too, it makes sense to simply browse through the gallery and try out different scenes. The Philips Hue app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and, with the new demo mode, is no longer just of interest to existing customers, but also to those who are toying with the idea of ​​buying lamps from the manufacturer.