Sensibo Release Updated AC Controller with Air Quality Sensors

Sensibo, the air control company behind the popular AC control units – the Sensibo Air (Review HERE), the Sensibo Sky, and their own Air Purifier, the Sensibo Pure – has now released an update to the former device, in the form of the Sensibo AirQ. This updated AC controller does much the same job as the original, by controlling your ACs, but as the name would imply, adds a couple of sensors to monitor air quality within your home.

The updated model – which replaces the original – looks identical from the front, apart from the logo, although it’s what changes have taken place on the inside that makes all the difference. The AirQ features two distinct new air quality sensors – a TVOC Sensor* (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), and a CO2 sensor. This brings the total number of sensors within the device to four, with temperature and humidity sensors that were also present in the original model, and are pretty much required for an AC Controller.

* Volatile Organic Compounds come from things such as household cleaning products, like bleach, air fresheners, spray wax, and rubbing alcohol, as well as fresh paint, or chemicals used in the production of flooring or even furniture.

Of course, an AC controller of this type can’t actually do anything about high levels of CO2 or VOCs, so this is where the company’s Sensibo Pure air purifier comes into play, with automation features in the company’s app to help keep your air clean as well as maintain the temperature in your home. The Sensibo Pure can’t tackle CO2, but you can be alerted to a build-up of this gas, which is created from our breath, without adequate ventilation, can increase to levels that can cause irritation, lack of concentration, and headaches.

As for the device itself and its primary functionality, it’s designed to replace the IR remote control that would typically come with your AC unit, and by extension, allow control of your AC within HomeKit via Scenes and Automations.

You can currently purchase the Sensibo AirQ from the company’s own website for US$149.00.

You can check out our video review of the original Sensibo Air to get a better idea of how it all works;