Ikea Expands HomeKit Lighting

IKEA has given new devices to its own intelligent lighting solution. There are three new series in different colours and designs. The lamps can also be integrated into Apple HomeKit via the IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway.

Silverglans for the bathroom

The lamps of the Silverglans series start with. The light strips in various lengths in the colours white or anthracite are intended for the bathroom.

Individually, the strips start at a length of 40cm from 15€. In a set with a light bar, driver and remote control, prices start at 57.99€.

Mittled for the kitchen

We continue with Mittled. The series consists of light strips and spots in white or aluminium, which are particularly suitable for illuminating the countertop in the kitchen.

Prices start at 12€ for a single spot or 15€ for a light bar. By the way, under the name Mittled, IKEA also sells light bars with motion detectors for drawers, but according to IKEA, these cannot be connected to the gateway.

Skydrag for wardrobe and kitchen

Skydrag was also developed for use in the kitchen, but should also provide good light in the wardrobe. This is made possible by an integrated motion detector, which can automatically turn on the light when the cabinet door is opened.

Individual light strips are available in white or black in lengths between 40cm and 80cm from 12€. In the set consisting of a light bar, driver and remote control, prices start at 51.98€.