Meross releases new EU HomeKit In-Wall Relay

Earlier, we reported on the new flush-mounted module from Bosch, and now Meross has also suddenly launched a similar device on the same day. The Meross Smart Wi-Fi In-Wall Switch is designed to be installed behind your light switch and thus integrate the lighting into Apple Home without a hub.

Flush-mounted modules have a decisive advantage over smart bulbs: the existing light switch can continue to be used. With smart bulbs, on the other hand, if the wall switch is turned off, the power connection and the device can no longer be reached.

With the Meross Smart Wi-Fi In-Wall Switch, we now have another HomeKit flush-mounted module that does not require an additional hub thanks to its direct Wi-Fi connection. The new device was developed specifically for the European market and requires a neutral wire for installation.

The price is also particularly pleasing: Meross charges less than €14 via its own online shop. With our discount code “SmartApfel” the price even drops to under 13€. A bargain compared to the Bosch Smart Home light/roller shutter control II for a whopping €74.95.