Matter & Thread Enabled Ikea Hub Due in October

We previously reported that IKEA plans to release a new hub for its own smart home devices. We’ve also long been aware that the release date is in October. However, the hub is now already listed in Ikea Norway and reveals the price for the first time.

With the new IKEA DIRIGERA, the furniture giant will release a brand new hub. This not only looks much more modern than its predecessor on the outside, but the inner features ​​are also convincingly updated. In addition to Zigbee, an Ethernet connection and USB-C, the device also has WLAN and Thread. This means that the new hub can also function as a Thread border router. In addition, the device will eventually support the new smart home standard Matter.

At around €69, however, the new hub will not exactly be a bargain compared to its predecessor. After all, the old device was previously available for just €20, even if IKEA now charges €50 for it. The company will also deliver a new and updated app in October. This will work exclusively with the new hub. Owners of the predecessor must continue to use the currently available app and should receive security updates for at least the next three years. Incidentally, the devices connected to the previous hub will also work with the new IKEA DIRIGERA.