Twinkly Announce New ‘Squares’ RBGIC LED Panels

Italian LED Lighting specialists Twinkly today revealed their newest forthcoming product today, simply called ‘Squares’, that belie the fact that they’re more than simple square tiles. These new Squares, which are slated for a September release, contain 64 individual mini square LEDs per tile (8 rows x 8 columns), each of which is individually addressable, with each tile sized at 16 x 16cm / 6.3 x 6.3in.

Similar to the recently announced limited edition Nanoleaf Shapes, the Squares are black, with only the colours revealing themselves once activated. This means that in a darkened room, for example, you could potentially create patterns and shapes (pixel art) that don’t simply fit the square shape they come as.

The great news is that like practically all of their other products, the new Squares will be HomeKit compatible on release, as well as working with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, and even Homey. If you’re a gaming fan with a penchant for synchronised lighting, then you’ll also be happy to hear they’re compatible with Razer Chroma too.

The company will be offering a variety of purchase options, starting with a single tile ‘Starter Kit’, as well as a Three Tile Extension, and what appear to be larger kits that come with a controller and three tiles, or a controller and five tiles. So far there’s no price mentioned, only that they’ll be launched next month, but from the images seen so far, these could well be the most customisable tiles we’ve ever seen.

You can find out more via the company’s website.