Tado ‘Black Edition’ Smart Thermostat Announced

Tado today announced its Black Edition of its IF Design Award-winning Smart Thermostat in addition to a new ‘Dark Mode’ for the tado° app. With the Smart Thermostat Black Edition, Tado is offering its users a new way to complement their interior designs and accentuate personal taste.

While customers face increasing energy prices, tado° Smart Thermostats save them on average 22% on heating costs per year. Customers reduce their average heating bill of £1,050.55 for a typical home house to £819.43 by using a smart thermostat. Higher savings are expected when the Energy Price Cap rises in the UK on 1st October. Considering the current energy costs, Tado Smart Thermostats pay for themselves within less than 6 months of use and will begin to pay for themselves in less than 3 months in the October energy price rises.

Together with the company’s user community, Tado worked on a solution for more people to marry the smart features that Tado thermostats provide, whilst complementing the personality and interior choices. After rounds of feedback, a dark display was one of the most requested features.

Christian Deilmann, Co-Founder and CPO of tado° said “We heard many tado° users looking for more ways to bring tado° into many different rooms of their home. A darker thermostat was much requested by the community, and we managed to find the right materials and design choices to bring this to the community in an elegant and sophisticated manner”.

For a unified experience, Tado also announced a ‘dark mode’ coming to the Tado app, due in October 2022. Tado users have requested dark mode for aesthetic reasons, phone battery savings, or even for checking the temperature at night in dim-lit environments. With tweaked contrast and colours in dark mode, the tado° app complements the Smart Thermostat Black Edition or any existing tado° products.

The tado° Smart Thermostat Black Edition (RRP £199.99), will be available in a Wireless Starter Kit for the UK market, exclusive to the UK for one month in Screwfix with an upcoming discount, starting September 5th. Dark mode will start rolling out to existing Tado users via an app update in October and can be activated in the device settings on iOS and Android.