EVVR Relay Switch Now Available in the US

Way back in May of 2022 we reported on a new take on the smart relay switch by a company called EVVR. Now the company has finally made this special type of switch available to North American consumers, via Amazon.com, offering both a single and double pack for US49.99 and US$74.99, respectively.

If you’re not familiar with smart relay switches or how they work, they’re designed to sit behind a traditional light switch to make that switch smart. Companies like Fibaro and Aqara introduced their first HomeKit-enabled relays a few years back, however, the one issue some users come across is the lack of space afforded in switch boxes to accommodate these little boxes that sometimes just aren’t small enough.

EVVR has come up with a solution that splits the device into two sections, thereby allowing the part that sits behind the light switch to be much smaller, whilst the relay portion connects in between the switch and the bulb(s) they’re connected to – usually in the ceiling or behind the light fitting enclosure.

What’s more interesting is that the smart switch is entirely optional, so if you have a device that needs smart control without a standard switch, you can just use the relay itself. This product is also designed for those of use without neutral wires in our light switches, which is an option making itself more present of late. The Relay/switch combo is designed to work not just with standard toggle switches, but also with momentary buttons/rocker switches. It’s also designed for use pretty much anywhere, with compatibility covering voltage inputs from 85~245v @50/60Hz.

The company offer three different variants on the relay package – a WiFi version that works with Apple HomeKit, with no requirement for a hub, a standard Zigbee 3.0 version that is designed to work with some Zigbee hub, but with no HomeKit compatibility, only Google and Amazon. And finally, a Z-Wave version offered US or EU frequency versions. This last option should, in theory, be HomeKit compatible too, if it’s connected to the HomeKit compatible Thinka Z-Wave Gateway (read our review HERE) that exposes all Z-Wave devices, regardless of manufacturer, as long as they belong to a category supported by HomeKit.