Aqara Cube T1 Pro With HomeKit Available Internationally

Smart home product manufacturer, Aqara has finally released the updated version of their popular Cube controller, namely the Cube T1 Pro to international markets. Built upon the success of its predecessor, the new cube adds HomeKit and Alexa support1, so that it can be used to control a wide range of smart home devices within both ecosystems. Moreover, it adds the new Scene Mode to allow users to use not only actions but also different sides of the cube to activate smart home scenes or devices2. The Cube T1 Pro is now available in Aqara Amazon brand stores in North America (US, Canada) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), and via selective Aqara retailers worldwide.

Like the original model, the Cube T1 Pro recognizes different actions such as push, shake, rotate, flip, and tap. When the new Scene Mode is activated, the cube also recognizes different ‘faces’, so users can use each face of the cube to control various scenes and devices. Dice-like indicators are printed on the sides to help users distinguish one from another. Moreover, thanks to this new mode the Cube T1 Pro can be used in both HomeKit and Alexa. It’s also expected to support Matter via the Aqara hubs through an OTA update, with the Hub M2 the first hub to receive the update.

You can check out our review of the Cube T1 Pro HERE, or watch the video below;

With the new improvements, the Cube T1 Pro enables a more intuitive way to control your smart home. For instance, users can activate a ‘Morning’ Routine by flipping it to Side 1, and trigger the ‘Home Cinema’ Scene by flipping it to Side 2.

Based on the Zigbee 3.0 protocol which allows faster response, higher reliability, better compatibility and improved energy efficiency, the Cube T1 Pro has a battery life of up to 2 years. It also supports OTA updates, which means that new features and fixes can be added to the new cube after its initial release.

In celebration of the launch, Aqara now offers a 10% discount for the new cube in its Amazon stores. North American customers will enjoy the offer with the promo code NACUBET1 in the US and Canada, while European customers will enjoy it using the promo code CBT1PROEU in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Both codes can be combined with coupons and will be valid through November 24, 2022.

For more details on the Cube T1 Pro, please visit the Aqara website.