Meross Announce First Matter Compatible Smart Plug

With Matter being the buzzword thrown about like confetti recently, many are still waiting for Actual Matter devices to appear, and it seems Meross may well be amongst the first to do just that, with their announcement of their new Matter-compatible smart plug.

The new Meross Smart plug Mini (MSS115) is now available on the company’s own store for preorder, with a projected release date of December 31st. At this time, the smart plug is only available in a Type B configuration, suitable for North America and a few other territories, but given the company makes smart plugs for nearly all regions, it’s a certainty other regional models will follow.

Current Meross products will not be updated to work with Matter, although considering their catalogue of devices already covers the main ecosystems, it’s not really seen as an issue – at least for some. What hasn’t changed so far is that the new smart plug, like the current models, uses WiFi. Given that Thread seems to be the way to go these days, especially since Thread is considered a ‘pillar’ of Matter, being certified may not be enough for some, with many (including myself) actively trying to get away from WiFi devices where possible.

The first 500 preorders for the new smart plug 2-pack will sell at the ‘discounted’ price of US$24.99 (reg. price US$49.99).