Airversa to Launch Thread-Enabled Humidifier in 2023


Airversa, the recent startup that brought the world’s first (and still the only) Thread-enabled Smart Air Purifier to market, is now focusing its efforts on another product aimed at air quality in your home.

The new product in question is a smart humidifier, which we’re told is called the Humelle to reflect its connection to the company’s Air Purifier, the Purelle. Like the aforementioned Purifier, the Humelle will also use Thread for connectivity, making it another world first for Airversa.

The device itself, which some may say is reminiscent of the Harman/Kardon Aura Studio 3 speaker, is primarily a humidifier as opposed to a diffuser, and has a 5.5 litre/5.8 Quart capacity water tank.

This is more than doubles the capacity of the Vocolinc MistFlow, the only other HomeKit-enabled Humidifier on the market with a capacity of 2.5 litres. The design is pretty futuristic whilst also sparse, with only two buttons on the front, flanking three dots, we assume are to indicate the flow of mist, and the company’s logo below those.

Like the aforementioned MistFlow, the Humelle has built-in LEDs, but in this case, they’re situated around the base of the device. We’ve been told by Airversa that the RGBIC LED ring consists of 36 LEDs, each of which is capable of displaying an individual colour. Whilst the LED ring is exposed to HomeKit separately from the humidifier, the multicolour feature is unable to be directly controlled in any HomeKit apps, so any colour schemes created would be achieved in the company’s Sleekpoint app, with only single solid colours in HomeKit/Apple Home.

Finally, we’re told the Humelle also contains not only a humidity sensor but also a temperature sensor, both of which are likely located where the slots at the back of the Humelle are.

At present, the company stated that they’re aiming for a release in Q1 of 2023, and at the time of writing, there’s no mention of pricing. As for Matter compatibility, the Airversa also state that the Humelle is indeed capable of working with the new smart home standard, but is keen to ensure everything works smoothly with Apple Home before committing further with this and other devices in their roster.