Google Announces Matter Update for Nest Hubs

Whilst you might not expect a Google story to appear on HomeKit News, with Matter approaching us all faster than a runaway train right now, this kind of news is likely to become more common! Anyway, Google has today announced that almost all of its current hubs, including speakers, will be getting an update to support Matter, which also includes their Google Home app.

Google has stated this rollout has already begun, with updates for the following devices planned;

Google Home speaker (1st gen)
Google Home Mini
Nest Mini
Nest Audio
Nest Hub (1st & 2nd gen)
Nest Hub Max
Nest Wifi Pro

Whilst current device pairing is similar to how it works with Amazon Alexa, with your accounts for individual brands being granted access to your Google Home, the Matter update will allow what the company refer to as ‘Fast Pair’, which as the name implies, will enable pairing to be done in a quicker and more efficient way. However, there hasn’t been too much detailed information on that, at present due to Matter devices from other companies being essentially non-existent at the time of writing.