Pre-Lit Smart Xmas Wreath Released by Twinkly

Christmas is getting closer and other Christmas decorations may have already been set up by you, but if you’re still looking for a suitable wreath, Twinkly has the right product.

The Italian company Twinkly has become known for its colourful, app-controlled Christmas lights, but now also offers numerous lighting solutions that can be used all year round.

However, the company has not lost sight of its origins, and is now offering the Twinkly Pre-lit wreath, with a diameter of 60cm along with a pre-installed chain of lights comprising 50 coloured LEDs.

As usual from Twinkly, the LEDs can be mapped and used in combination with effects, colour gradients, and colour animations via the manufacturer’s own app, thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi.

In addition to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the wreath supports Apple HomeKit. In HomeKit, however, the chain of lights appears as a single-colour lamp, since HomeKit still cannot handle multi-coloured light sources.

Considering the wreath is designed for outdoor use (typically on the front of the door) it’s weatherproof, although it’s probably not suitable for really cold regions at this time of year, like Canada for example. The Twinkly Pre-lit wreath is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon DE, among others.