Eve Announce DIY Smart Blinds Thread/Matter Solution

Eve has announced its MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds, adding to their expanding portfolio of window-covering products. This time last year the company – via various blinds resellers around the world – released their Smart MotionBlinds, which provided the world’s first Thread-enabled roller blinds. These came in the form of custom blinds the customer would choose – materials, fittings and measurements – with the motors sitting inside the roller tube as part of the package. You can see our video review below, or read the written review.

Whilst this was warmly received, replacing one’s blinds is never going to be inexpensive, so now Eve is offering a retrofit solution that enhances your existing blinds, whilst adding Thread technology and the rich feature set of Apple Home and the Eve App, as well as Matter shortly thereafter. This is achieved with a motor that slides into the tube of your existing blinds. Even though there are tons of different types of blind fittings, Eve has been able to ensure their new kit will fit almost all types of blinds, with included adaptors for most types of fittings.

The fixtures and fitting will be the same as the company’s standard MotionBlinds and will be offered in the same finishes, with the simple installation a hallmark of both options.

The kit can be easily installed without any wiring or technical know-how. Included are mounting brackets, covers and the aforementioned set of adapters. Starting on March 28th, the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds will be available from evehome.com for $199.95 (US).