Meross Announce Preorders For EU Matter Smart Plug

Meross today announced their first Matter device specifically for Europe, the Matter-compatible smart plug MSS315 (exciting…). Prior to this, late last year the company also announced the US version (MSS115) of their Matter smart plug, which should be around the end of January/start of February. A UK version of the Matter smart plug will also be coming later in the first half of the year.

The EU smart plug will come with Matter ‘out of the box’, so no update will be required to make it Matter compatible. In addition to the MSS315 being designed for European outlets and appliances, it also comes complete with energy monitoring (via the Meross app), which not only shows real-time power consumption but also historical usage. Like their existing smart plugs, the MSS315 will use standard 2.4GHz WiFi for connection, as opposed to Thread, which seems to be the standard some companies are directing their focus on these days, like Eve, Nanoleaf, and Onvis, amongst others. Both the US and EU models are different to the current models available, with the US version more square than oblong shaped.

Meross will be amongst the first companies to actually release their first Matter branded products, with a whole host of other companies either gearing up for Matter updates to existing products, or planning releases of new products for later this year. This includes brands including Belkin, Schlage, SmartThings, and Tapo (TP-Link).

If you are in the market for a new smart plug with Matter, Meross is offering presales of the EU version for 50% off to the first 500 customers via their website, with a special offer of a 2-pack for US$24.99 starting today via the Meross store, with the product shipping around the end of February.