SmartThings iOS App Now Adds Matter Support

The wheels of progress can be slow, but we’re finally beginning to see Matter, in all its different forms, start to make it’s presence known. Samsung’s SmartThings app now supports Matter on the iOS platform (as reported by 9to5mac), following on from an initial update on the Android platform (in late 2022). This was promised to drop some time in January, and it seems they’ve managed to do that with just a day to spare.

Now, with your Matter devices (there currently only the Tapo Smart plug now on Amazon) you’ll be able to get them added directly to the SmartThings app on your iPhone or iPad, alongside the Apple Home app, which you can already add Matter devices to.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the apps for Google Home and Amazon Alexa on iOS, we’re still waiting for an update that’ll allow Matter devices to be added. Currently Matter products can only be added to the respective apps via an Android device, with Amazon only supporting WiFi based Matter products, not Thread-enabled ones. Hopefully iOS updates for both of these apps is not too far behind.