Aqara Unveil Four New Products For the Chinese Market

With Aqara’s video doorbell possibly just around the corner from a release, you’d think the company would take a well-earned break, but it seems production never sleeps, as the company today announced the release of four new products. Ostensibly for the China market, some will definitely be making their way to international shores at some point.

Of the four products, only the FP2 Human Presence Sensor has already been revealed by Aqara themselves as part of a live stream that also unveiled the forthcoming video doorbell (G4), and the deadbolt smart lock (U100). The FP2 will be released in China on the 23rd of February, with an international release to follow at a later date.

The other products as part of this latest batch, include;

Smart Door V100 – a smart door that integrates not only a smart lock but also a display panel, on the inside of the door that gives you control over the Aqara products in your home, as well as the live feed from a built-in peephole, and two-way audio. The peephole will be exposed to HomeKit, as a version of the G4 video doorbell that will work with the built-in panel. A product of this magnitude is unlikely to be found on AliExpress due to the detailed nature in which this is likely to be installed. The V100 will support a fingerprint sensor in the lock, as well as all the usual unlock methods – NFC, passcode, facial recognition, key etc.

Scene Panel S1 Plus – the S1 Plus takes the previously released Scene Panel S1, MagicPad S1, and the recently released Smart Switch S1E and doubles the width by ingeniously seating the part that sits inside the switch box to one side. There’s not a lot to tell you about this other than that, but it looks as though it’ll be capable of controlling three separate switches, just like the S1 and S1E.

The FP2 Presence Sensor – is an update to the FP1, with not only the possibility of detecting up to 5 people at the same time but also exposes a massive 30+ separate zones each of which becomes an individual motion sensor in HomeKit. Unlike the FP1, the FP2 will use WiFi to cope with the extra bandwidth required.
The only product not shown here is a first for Aqara, which is, surprisingly, a light strip. The Light Strip T1, and is capable of multiple colours on a single strip.

thanks to Eric @ Wavetech for the additional information.