Aqara Releases its Revolutionary FP2 Presence Sensor

Aqara has today expanded its wide-ranging smart sensor portfolio with the introduction of the Presence Sensor FP2, a revolutionary sensor for precise human presence detection. Equipped with the millimetre wave (mmWave) radar technology, the FP2 solves many “pain points” of traditional passive infrared (PIR) presence sensors and enables a more tailored and rich smart home experience. The new sensor is now available in the Company’s Amazon brand stores in both North America (US, Canada) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) as well as selective Aqara retailers worldwide1.

Accurate human presence detection provides essential information for pinpoint smart home automations such as home security monitoring and energy management systems (e.g., automated lights, HVAC, and home appliances control). The mmWave-based FP2 Presence Sensor takes a leap forward from the PIR motion sensors as the former detects a person’s presence with even the slightest movement such as the act of breathing. Gone are those frustrating experiences of having your smart lights turn off unintentionally because you were sitting still reading a book or working at the desk.

Moreover, the FP2 sensor raises the precision of human detection to the next level with its capability to monitor multiple zones and multiple targets simultaneously. The FP2 allows the user to define up to 30 zones within a room (up to 40 sq m/430 sq ft). For example, the living room and dining area can be configured as separate zones with individualized automations. This sensor tracks up to 5 people at the same time2, making it possible to control different zones based on the real-time location of each family member. For instance, dim the dining area lights and switch the TV on when the kids leave the dining table and move to the sofa, meanwhile keeping the kitchen light on when someone is washing the dishes.

The powerful capabilities of the FP2 sensor can also be used within third-party smart home platforms including Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Home Assistant3 and more. Once the zones are set up in the Aqara Home app, the zone configuration can be synced to these platforms as multiple motion/occupancy sensors, allowing users to trigger zone-based automation with a wide variety of third-party smart home devices. Support for the new smart home standard, Matter, is also planned for the FP2 and will be added to the device via a subsequent OTA update4.

Aside from its precise presence detection and multi-zone automations, FP2 also has fall detection built-in5, which is particularly essential for senior citizens who are more vulnerable to fall injuries. Families and caregivers can be alerted by both local siren and remote alerts if the FP2 sensor detects a fall, which allows them to seek immediate assistance if necessary. The FP2 sensor can detect a fall at the home in a convenient way without the need to wear additional devices on the body. At the same time, unlike a typical security camera, the Sensor provides meaningful alerts and data without intruding on a person’s personal privacy.

Thanks to its powerful hardware, the FP2 sensor will be able to support much more cutting-edge features in the future such as posture detection, which not only recognizes falls but also other postures including standing, sitting, and lying down. Sleep monitoring and respiratory rate detection capabilities could also be achieved via the FP2 in the future. These advanced features will be added to the FP2 sensor via future OTA updates4.

Product availability may vary among different retail channels and could be updated all the time. It’s recommended to check with the regional retailer(s) for real-time availability.
The best result can be achieved in the case of tracking not more than 3 persons.
The FP2 sensor can be added to Home Assistant using HomeKit Controller integration.
Some features of the FP2 sensor such as Matter support, posture detection and sleep monitor are not available by the time of launch.
The Presence Sensor FP2 is not a medical device, and can only be used for notification purposes. Ceiling-mounted installation is required for fall detection, and the monitoring area will decrease when the FP2 is ceiling-mounted. In fall detection mode, many functionalities of the FP2 become unavailable, including zone positioning and multi-person detection.