Eve Release Two Thread Products Announced at CES

At CES 2023, Eve Systems announced a few products, including the recently released Eve MotionBlinds Kit. Now the company has pushed out two further products that were shown off earlier this year, namely the Thread-enabled version of the company’s Portable mood light, the Eve Flare, and a new product, the Eve Shuter Switch.

Starting with the Eve Flare, which updates the original model by adding Thread where previously it solely relied upon Bluetooth. This release in fact makes the transition from Bluetooth to Thread-enabled devices complete for the company’s portfolio, with the only exceptions being their WiFi-based products – the power strip, and LED strip.

The Flare is a portable, rechargeable colour lamp that shares similarities with the Philips Hue Go. It can be conveniently controlled using HomeKit and offers up to 6 hours of illumination when running on battery power. The device comes with a wireless charging base for easy recharging. Designed for outdoor use, the Flare is equipped with IP65 water resistance, UV resistance, and a handle for effortless transportation or hanging. Now with its use of Thread technology, the Flare seamlessly integrates with HomeKit, allowing for convenient control. It emits 90 lumens of light, which makes it ideal as an accent light rather than a primary light source for illuminating an entire room.

With the Eve Shutter Switch, users can now experience the convenience of intelligent window shading. You can maintain a comfortable room temperature with Adaptive Shading, and create customized scenes to control all your shutters simultaneously with a single command. As with the Eve Flare, the Eve Shutter Switch is compatible with both Bluetooth and Thread, seamlessly integrating into your smart home setup. It automatically joins your Thread network and serves as a router node, as it is permanently powered, efficiently relaying data packets from other Thread accessories. This enhances the stability and extends the coverage of your smart home network, ensuring reliable connectivity throughout your home.

As with all current Eve Thread products, they will receive an update to allow them to work with Matter ecosystems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

Both products are available to purchase on Amazon Germany and other retailers, both priced at just under €100.