Netatmo Announce New Smart AC Controller

Netatmo today unveiled a brand new product aimed at consumers with AC units, just like devices by Mysa, Tado, Sensibo and others. The Netatmo Smart AC Controller allows users to control their air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump using automations, their phone app, or via voice control (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa etc). It achieves this by essentially allowing the controller to replace and act as the IR remote that you would traditionally use to control your AC. Thanks to its unique pairing device and omnidirectional infrared technology, it can be easily installed without the need for construction work or modifications to existing installations. The Smart AC Controller is compatible with all air conditioners and heat pumps that use an infrared remote control with a screen that displays its settings.

One of the main benefits of the Netatmo Smart AC Controller is that users can create a personalised cooling or heating schedule based on their routine in just a few minutes. They can also adjust the temperature and settings remotely using the company’s own Home + Control app. The Smart AC Controller also has a built-in geolocation function called “Eco-Assist” that can turn off devices when users leave the house and switch them back on when they return, helping to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

In addition, the Smart AC Controller comes equipped with temperature and humidity sensors that track and analyse changes in the indoor environment in real time. This information can be viewed anytime, giving users greater control over their home’s comfort levels.

Whilst this product isn’t really any different to the other options by the companies already mentioned, there was the hope that they would put Thread to use in this instance. However, that is not the case here, with the AC controller using standard 2.4GHz WiFi. As it also doesn’t have a display, it does fall slightly short of offerings by Mysa and Tado, although it is cheaper than the Sensibo. There’s also no mention of Matter compatibility at this time.

Although Netatmo states the Smart AC Controller is now available for purchase on the Netatmo website, on Amazon and at various retailers including Apple, B&Q, Screwfix, Plumbnation and Currys, we couldn’t see it listed, at least not on Amazon UK. It is priced at UK£99.99.