Onvis US Matter over Thread Smart Plug Available on Amazon

After seeing new Thread devices from Onvis in recent months – namely the Contact Sensor and 5-Button Switch – the company is readying its first Matter over Thread-enabled product to hit Amazon, the Onvis S4 Smart Plug. This is only the second Matter over Thread smart plug for the US market, with the other product being Eve Energy. You can order the new S4 as a single, double, or four-pack on Amazon now for US$19.99, US$37.99 (US$19 each), or US$59.99 (US$15.00 each) respectively.

As this uses Thread, you don’t have to worry about burdening a possibly already overloaded WiFi network, as this will connect to any Thread Border Router. So, if you’re all in on Apple Home, the HomePod Mini, HomePod (2nd gen), and Apple TV4K (2nd gen or 3rd gen w/ 128GB) all contain the necessary hardware. Thread also provides a better all-around connection experience, as well as fast response times compared to Bluetooth, which is still deployed as a setup and backup function.

Onvis is also planning to release the S4 smart plug suitable for Europe, and one designed for the UK in the next month or so, which is great news for British smart home users, who have been left out when it comes to products of this type in the past. We’ll be reporting on these as soon as they become available, but in the meantime, for US users, the S4 is available on Amazon to preorder now, with shipping commencing July 24th (Monday).

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